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T.I. Speaks On Relationship w/ Eminem (Video)

blame it on Shake May 26, 2010

T.I. speaks with MTV about his growing relationship with Eminem. Stating that Em held him down while he was locked up, etc.

“Em personally reached out to me, and we been speaking ever since, especially since I went through my situation [with having to go to prison]. [He would] just kinda remind me that ‘I’ve been through dark period in my life too. You’re gonna make it. You’re one of the ones we need, so you’re gonna make it. Stand tall and walk the walk.’ He just made it a point to always reassure me of the spot that I hold in this thing that we got called hip-hop. It was incredibly helpful. It was incredibly noble of him, in my eyes, to even take the time out to reach out to me.”

The clip also puts the “club” collaboration quote in better context. As you can see, T.I. was just feeding off the interviewer. Rather than saying their next song together was made for the club. *sigh of relief.

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