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RZA Responds To Jay Electronica

blame it on JES7 June 2, 2010

A few weeks ago, a “controversy” was sparked when Jay Electronica addressed some comments RZA made regarding the South in an interview, which honestly, I did not watch in it’s entirety. Things quickly escalated and could have gotten much worse, but being that Jay Electronica is a civilized individual, along with RZA, things simmered down. After hearing / reading both sides, I can now understand where each party is coming from. Both kicked knowledge and wisdom, and with that comes understanding. Peace to the Gods.

“I know I said a few things about the South throughout my career in different periods,” RZA told Sway. “I don’t know the exact comment, but I remember I did an article in Rap Pages years ago, ’cause me and Master P had a talk about this years ago. I was speaking on the education level in the South, how brothers drop out … in the sixth grade — some of them because they have to go to work, some of them because of the poverty, some because they’re not interested in the education system … just a lot of crazy things that people from up North had evolved from. When I was doing this article, I was taking about my own family at first. My family comes from the South. They frying fat back in the kitchen, Grandpops didn’t have more than a sixth-grade reading level. My grandma was a welfare mom.”

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