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J. Cole x MTV (Video)

blame it on Shake July 1, 2010

Jermaine Cole is next up on MTV’s Hottest Breakthrough MCs of 2010 list. Check the video as he speaks on his upcoming debut album.

“When you making an album, at least in my case, I had songs that I’ve had for three years that I’ve been holding on to that I wouldn’t put on The Warm Up or any mixtape, because I felt they were too good. And over the years, some of them turned into, ‘Oh, I can let that go, because I’m better than that now.’ But there’s been songs, or there are still songs, that will make the album that never left. You come into the album with that stack of records, and slowly, as you make more, you can see which of those can fly off. And it’s hard, because they’re all incredible songs, and you don’t want to let any go. Now we’re down to maybe three. They can never go. They have to stay.”

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