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A Dallas Penn DPSA (Dopehouse Public Service Announcement)

blame it on Meka July 6, 2010

With so much of this spot dedicated to musical content, I think that every once in a while there should be stuff to work your brain cells as well as your ear muscles. With that said, here’s the first in what I hope will be a continuing series between the house of dope and various scribes. Let’s kick things off with the Internets Celebrity himself, Dallas Penn.

White people: Still Saving Hip-Hop

What up Dopehouse? You may or may not know of me from the internets but if you don’t just know that you fux with me hardbody [ll]. 2DBz braintrust is allowing me to put some drops on their page since I am currently homeless on the internets. I got a call from my nig Sean Price who just returned stateside from a min- Euro jog thru four or five cities. Europe might be the best kept secret for any artist with 10+ years in the game.

They aren’t really fuxing with the newjacks across the pond, as evidenced by Drake canceling his entire Euro tour, but if you are too grown to be hopping on a skateboard you are just the right speed for countries like Holland, Switzerland and mos def Germany. In a way Hip-Hop is following the path of jazz in how the elder statesmen of the craft go abroad to perform at multi-thousand person festivals but come home to an ‘industry’ filled venue with a couple of hundred people.

This is how white people in general save Hip-Hop. They mostly leave the rapping part up to Blacks, while they control the whole side of it that manages the rappers. It’s this division of labor that keeps Hip-Hop viable until this day. But honestly, if rap music didn’t have a dedicated base of hard core white holding it down this shit would’a done been some reggaeton shit. Frankly, colored peoples stay on to the next type shit. You notice how every year some new music comes from the Caribbean? Calypso, soca, merengue, sugarbangbang or whatever you call it. Caribbean people just can’t stay fuxing with dancehall. White lock into some shit and they just stay there until that shit has leaked every last ounce of flavor.

With out white, and a Tribe Called Quest that jazz shit would be dead and stinking, like Louis Armstrong’s corpse which BTW is exactly 39yrs dead today (7.6.71.) RIP. But while white deserves the lion share of credit for keeping Hip-Hop alive they also need to shoulder some blame for all these rappers that die so young. For chrissakes Keith Richards is still alive! Meanwhile rap dudes die weekly and not even from gunshots, but from fuxed up livers and lupus. So I am formally petitioning white to unveil the secrets of Bob Dylan’s immortality so that my nig Sean Price can stay rocking crowds into his 80s or at least until he gets tired of punching wack rappers in the mouf.

My name is Dallas Penn and this was a Dopehouse Public Service Announcement

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