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Buns, Beer & Backpacks: A (2)Dope BBQ

blame it on Meka July 14, 2010

Over the past year or so the site has grown exponentially beyond levels the two of us never envisioned and, whether you realize/like it or not, you, the visitor/lurker/shit-talker, are partially responsible for said growth. So we figure we’d give back to the many fans and supporters (and yes, even the detractors. If you’re reading this right now and feeling a certain way about it, then you’re likely one of them) of the site by throwing the first-ever (2)Dope BBQ, all in the name of a worthy cause.

Hit the jump for the when, where and why of the whole thing.

Come on now, you really think I’m just gonna blast out the vitals here? Keep checking in, however, and I’ll drop more details as we get closer to its August date.