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Shyne – XXL Interview (Excerpt)

blame it on Meka July 28, 2010

Here’s part of what’s a relatively large portion of Po’s interview with XXL. You can catch the requisite Puffy stuff down bottom.

Was that a mistake on your end?

Never a mistake. ’Cause I live with myself, and I sleep at night. And I sit here before you with all my dreams realized and being rewarded from the universe for having my character and my integrity. So I’m good. I did what I was supposed to do, and I was rewarded greatly for it.

Did your comrade—Puffy, in this situation—let you down?

You can always say, “Man, that ain’t the way to handle the situation.” Sure, I know in my soul that the situation was supposed to be handled in a different way. But it ain’t really a matter of disappointment or letdown, ’cause I never really… I grew up never having shit, never having anybody. So I never was that dude to depend on a muthafucka. Obviously, the actions is not something that you condone or that you’re happy with. Not at all.

But, ultimately, that’s the reason why you got a longer bid?

Yeah, if it was handled different, muthafuckas could have did a shorter stretch. If muthafuckas was banding together and we was all on the same team. For him, I don’t know whether he was nervous, afraid. When you’re afraid and you’re emotional, that’s a different survival tactic. Those are the people that do anything, regardless of character and integrity, to preserve and protect themselves, regardless of who they hurt. I guess maybe that was the situation. Never been in a situation like that, where he facing years, and he got hundreds of millions and all that shit at stake. But where I’m from, doesn’t matter. You lose everything for your comrade. Again, if you’re in battle, I’ll catch a bullet, too. It ain’t like, Yo, he’s dead. Don’t make no sense for me to die, too. Nah, I’ma die, too! So you hope or you take for granted that all men are the same. But I know all men are not. It’s disappointing when they don’t live up to themselves, but you roll. You know that the creep is in all of us. It’s just a few of us is able to suppress that creep, and some of us are able to extract it from our soul altogether.

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