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(2)Deep: Urban Thermo Dynamics (Mos Def) – Manifest Destiny

blame it on JES7 August 2, 2010

Before he made your Body Rock with the Universal Magnetic, and about two years before his work with Da Bush Babees, you could have caught Mos on an early & obscure 1994 release under the group name Urban Thermo Dynamics. The group consisted of brother DCQ of Medina Green and younger sister CES, and their only full release was the album Manifest Destiny, which literally went undetected on many heads’ radars (via Pay Day, home to many a classics). Fast forward to 2004, where a remastered version popped up under Illson Media and once again shed light on this sleeper album. And yes, Black Dante was R-A-W raw even back in ’94. What you thought?

Urban Thermo Dynamics – Manifest Destiny | Mediafire

Urban Thermo Dynamics – Front Line | Mediafire