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The ILLZ – Persistence (Video)

blame it on Meka August 2, 2010

It’s a pleasure to be around hard working people, even more it’s truly an honor to be around people who inspire creativity. The ILLZ is one of those people. The ILLZ some time back hit me up and told me about this “In Between Video Series” that he wanted to do. He told me he had 7 tracks and wanted 7 videos. I was like, “cool, which one you wanted me to do” he looked at me and said “You can do all of them, but lets start off and do 3.” He must have seen my face drop, i can do 7 videos but i wouldn’t have a life, hahaha. SO HotMop partnered up with The ILLZ and Krystopher Rey- Talley to take on this project. This is the first one out of the three were doing.

This is us in the green room (more like the red room) of Santos Party House living in the moment. We were blanketed by that red light bullshiting and laughing together and I looked at him and said ” This room is ILL, let’s shoot a freestyle video” and we did. But the minute we were done with it… I was like, “Fuck a random freestyle let’s shoot one of the videos.” He gave me a pound “Let’s do it.” Nahgee (good friend, business partner, and HotMop shooter) walked in with the second camera and we got two angles going at the same time. IN 20 minutes we walked back out to The ILLZ soundcheck and we had this video in the bag. – HotMop Films

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