Buns, Beer & Backpacks: A (2)Dope BBQ

blame it on Meka August 13, 2010

By now, you’ve seen this familiar sight on this spot for the past couple of weeks. The resulting response has been more than I thought would happen, and Shake and I are extremely happy and humbled by the fact that folks would actually want to attend an event with a purpose. I mean, sure, it would have been much simpler to act like a couple of baboons and drink bottles of expensive liquor on Ustream or throw a party just to only invite all of our rapster friends and industry kinfolk, but that simply makes no sense to do so and is, in my ever-so-humble opinion, corn sauce. Hence why this and every future (2)Dope events will be for a cause, which we hope the masses will be down for too.

Anyways, this post is just to signify that the list for the (2)Dope BBQ is now closed, and that if you did not get an RSVP or are at the very least someone’s plus-one, the chances of you entering the venue are slim to none even if you know where it is and brought something to donate. I hate to be one of “those types,” but let’s be honest: people had a full week to RSVP.

For those that did get confirmation, Shake and I thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to spend time at the dopehouse. However I must stress that while the (2)Dope BBQ was done for folks to enjoy themselves, let’s not forget to have some sense of maturity as well. So if anybody has any qualms with anybody that attends (or even Shake and myself, for that matter), keep that shit at the front door or don’t bother coming in at all. Also, since the venue is indoors smoking can only take place outside, and smoking weed should be done as far away from the venue as possible. Once again I hate to be one of “those types,” but the two of us have spent a lot of our own personal time and, more importantly, our own money to make this happen; at the very least show some respect for that.

With that said, I hope to see many of the faces that helped the site become what it is now tomorrow. A (2)Dope Ice cream truck from the good folks at Cookies-N-Cream clothing will be there selling their wares, as well as provide a backdrop for folks who want to take pictures next to it. Free food and liquor (special dopehouse-inspired drinks courtesy of the likes of Pool Vodka, Guru Energy Drink and Chairman’s Reserve Rum and more will be on the menu. Name tags will be given out so that people can rock their c-section name for the people to see if they’d like. We may be running around a lot to get things in order, but feel free to introduce yourselves to us as well. Most importantly, have fun; this wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for you all.

Check out the flyer for the (2)Dope Pre Game Party, going down tonight, down bottom.