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Evidence – To Be Continued… (Video)

blame it on Shake August 17, 2010


Available on iTunes. Also, Ev and Rhymesayers are giving folks that purchase the single an opportunity to remix the track. Grab the a cappella and do what you (may or may not) do best. Shoot your 320kbs entries to [email protected] by September 7th. The winner will be picked by Ev himself and the track will be featured on Rhymesayers.com. They’ll also receive a prize pack from Diamond Supply Co. And now… a word from Ev himself.

What a great way to return! Hard rhymes (Me), hard cuts (DJ Revolution), hard beat (Sid Roams), a powerful image to back up my excitement (Jason Goldwatch) and a new label (Rhymesayers Entertainment)! This is the 1st banger to surface from “Cats & Dogs” which was leaked by DJ Premier a couple months ago. Ever since the leak the album version has been in high demand and here it finally is along side one of my favorite videos I have ever done. The video symbolizes turbulent times and personally this last year has been full of “ups and downs” but made me realize even more how important this music is to my life and how important sharing it with my people is. Can’t wait to see you on the road, until then this is, “To Be Continued…”

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