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Shyne x Def Jam x Cash Money?

blame it on Meka August 18, 2010

If any modicum of this is true… Calgon, please take me away from life.

The Brooklyn-raised MC already has a distribution deal with Def Jam to put out an LP called Gangland in December. And while talking on Skype to MTV News last week, he revealed that there may be a whole separate project coming at the same time.

“I’m done,” Shyne said of Gangland, which is also the name of Shyne’s imprint. “I’m just making albums at this point. I’m on my fifth album. I’m not sure, me and Baby [Birdman] been talking. We been talking about doing the Cash Money thing where I put one album out on Def Jam, distributed by Def Jam, and Baby [will] distribute one album on Cash Money.”

The LP on Cash Money would be called Messiah.

“I might do that. I’m not sure,” Shyne said about coming with the Cash Money back project. “We’re still finishing the fine points and negotiating that. Maybe I’ll come with something six months later, [maybe] every six months. I’ve got so much to say, you dig? I don’t think I can answer all the questions on one album. So I definitely think we can put out two different albums on the same day at the end of the year, then come back with a third one or another double set six months later. Get all this sh– off my chest.”

All together now…

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