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Scoop DeVille x Mixtape Daily (Video)

blame it on Meka August 20, 2010

Who’da thunk that one of the hottest producers out today would be the son of the guy who made “La Raza?”

“I don’t see Scoop as a real young producer really,” [Kid] Frost said, sitting next to his son in Scoop’s Los Angeles studio. “I see him more as an old soul that’s been in it for a long, long time. People are just barely finally discovering his sound, but man, he’s been harboring a fresh, fresh sound in him for a long time. It’s finally starting to sail now. It’s finally starting to leave port and people are starting to jump on it.”

…”I got to learn my own stuff to a point where I was writing my own lyrics and recording my own songs,” Scoop explained. “I would go back to a lot of old stuff. Lots of old-school records, ’70s funk, reggae, I mean, there’s so many, the Doors, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, all that. Led Zeppelin, Beatles — that [sound] was a big influence on me, just the way that their music sounds so monstrous. I would love to take that and incorporate that in hip-hop. So now I got records with Xzibit that got crazy rock samples in them and people are like, ‘What did you sample?’ I’m like, ‘Uriah Heep. You don’t even know what that is.’ That’s hard rock heavy metal back in the day, 60’s. And you know psychedelic, all that stuff. I love all kinds of music.” – MTV