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Bring It Back: Atmosphere – Sunshine x Always Coming Back Home to You

blame it on Shake August 21, 2010

Eff it… let’s keep it going. Here are two more of my favorite Atmosphere records. The first being off Sad Clown Bad Summer #9. An EP the duo released while they put the finishing touches on 2008’s When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold. A great reminder that all the troubles can be washed away by being alive. Be thankful for the simple things and your issues will fall to the wayside. The second closes out their 2003 release, Seven’s Travels. A simple story that can be perceived in numerous ways (one of Slug’s greatest gifts). I’ve always thought of it as the conception of the temptations of evil. And no matter the obstacles/situations one is thrown into there is always one place they can go back to. Whether it’s religious belief or a a certain sanity to feel comfort. Then at times I think that there’s a point being made that no matter the decisions he (personally) makes in life, he’s still left without that special someone. But he will continue to make the honest ones and hope for a different ending in the day’s chapter.

DOWNLOAD: Atmosphere – Sunshine | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Atmosphere – Always Coming Back Home to You | Mediafire