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A Dallas Penn DPSA (Dopehouse Public Service Announcement)

blame it on Meka August 24, 2010

With so much of this spot dedicated to musical content, I think that every once in a while there should be stuff to work your brain cells as well as your ear muscles. With that said, here’s the latest in what I hope will be a continuing series between the house of dope and various scribes. Fresh from hosting the (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition, let’s continue things with the Internets Celebrity himself, Dallas Penn.

Hip-Hop ‘Til The Casket Drops…

This has been an historic summer in Hip-Hop if you ask me. The site you are on is part of the vanguard of media outlets that is making radio and even television for that matter obsolete. When is the last time that radio broke a new artist or even a single from an established one? Those days are dead and buried. And for a good reason I might add.

That’s why I feel annoyed when people forecast doom and gloom because a record store is shuttering its doors. How many of us still have records? Or CDs? All of those things represent the previous models of delivering information. See I bet you can find someone who doesn’t own a record, cassette or CD but has a retarded music library. With all the classic shit too.

We can’t be moving in the direction of the future and still holding on to the dinosaur models of business and networking. This is why I won’t cry for Fat Beats or when mom and pop get their record store closed down. Sure, I’ll pour out a sip of something for the good times we had but then I will keep shit moving. With the new model of information still being figured out it means that artists have a second chance to develop relationships with us, the fans.

It’s a brave new world for artists to jump into the c-sections at weblogs but this is the future. Record companies and radio stations have been the middlemen gatekeepers for too long. Now that they are out of our way we can support the artists that we truly give a fux about. Who knows, maybe the Dopehouse will be the next DefJam? They do have the hottest mixtape on the internets.