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Wiz Khalifa On Declining Deal w/ Rick Ross

blame it on Shake August 25, 2010

Similar to the reasoning behind not going on tour with Drake, Wiz reveals to VIBE why he believes building is own brand is more important than putting himself under someone else. A statement I fully agree with.

…Ross ended up calling me [the same day] to say it himself.

Though the convo Khalifa describes as cool and chill concluded with a respectful decline, the Pittsburgh native admits that even if his deal with Atlantic were nonexistent, he still would’ve passed on Ross’ offer. “I would’ve kept doing what I was doing till I found something huge [outside of Maybach Music]. I’m all about standing behind my own brand instead of putting myself up under somebody else’s,” he explains. “[Success] might take a little bit longer and take more work, but in the end it pays off because I can stand right up there with my peers and have respect.”

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