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Classified Presents: Choose Your Own Adventure

blame it on Shake August 26, 2010

In a generation of non stop following and mindless sheep, it’s always great to see artists trying something new and original. While the Choose Your Own Adventure style of writing isn’t the most inovative thing to do. Placing that idea into video form is pretty fresh. Add that to the fact that the visuals are really well done and the website is constructed well.

Classified’s Self Explanatory album featured a series of interludes that follow a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type story line, leading the listener through a day in the life of Class. After a very successful year and a half run with the album, Class decided to treat fans to the visuals by way of an engaging 8-bit videogame style interactive website and contest before getting ready to release material from his upcoming release.

WATCH: ClassifiedAdventure