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Lazerbeak (of Doomtree) – Salt & Sea

blame it on Shake September 1, 2010

Off Lazerbeak’s debut solo album, Legend Recognize Legend, which drops on September 23rd (pre-order here). I’ve also included a promotional video for the album up top and the album artwork and tracklist after the jump.

I’m aware that by going under the name Lazerbeak for this album many people will be expecting either an instrumental hip hop record or a big huge collabo album with a ton of different rappers on every track. While I certainly won’t be ruling either of those ideas out in the near future, I do need to mention that this one is a pretty different beast in comparison to all that stuff. Prepare yourself: it’s poppy as hell and I sing on almost every track. We’ve decided to leak a song off the album to give you an idea of what to expect with this thing and hopefully ease your mind from the fear that I have ventured into some sort of cringe inducing Sarah McLachlan singer/songwriter abyss (no disrespect, there was absolutely a brief moment in time that “Building A Mystery” was kind of my secret jam). Anyways, this song below is called “Salt and Sea,” and it features my wonderful wifepiece Brittany singing back-ups with me throughout. It takes place in the middle of the ocean, mainly because the middle of the ocean is a mesmerizing/mysterious/terrifying/awesome place that I pretty much never stop thinking about. You can download the track for free below. I really truly hope you are into it, because I am personally supremely pumped about the whole thing.

DOWNLOAD: Lazerbeak – Salt & Sea | Mediafire

01 Dream Team
02 Land’s End
03 Let It Go
04 Bound
05 Wild Life
06 Salt And Sea
07 Pearly Gates
08 Cannon Falls
09 Tempest
10 Foothills

And don’t forget, the Doomtree crew is hitting the road on November 4th for the Wings + Teeth 2010 Tour.