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Nike Nando – The CarryOut 2 (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 September 11, 2010

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On December 27, 2007, the DMV & the country were introduced to “Nike” Nando Garcia and his mixtape entitled “TheCarryOut”. Since then Nando has released numerous classic projects due to his consistancy and dedication. Nando has gotten to travel to places he never dreamed because of his talent and potential, and he plans on doing more and leaving a lasting impact and impression with the release of his 6th solo mixtape “TheCarryOut2”. Joining forces with TheHipHopUpdate.com & illvibes-dmv.com this mixtape will be nothing short of greatness showing the constant evolution of a person striving to be the best he can be in a cold and harsh business without losing they’re way. In due time you will know that Nando is not your fly by night rapper…He lives his music and in the proccess has poured his blood,sweat,and tears in wanting to become more than just a “local rapper”. His performances…amazing…if you have never been to a show you are missing out on some of the greatest emcee skills for a up-and-coming artist in his begining stages. With that being said, you should really take notice at what is about to take place because everyone wants to be apart of something before it becomes larger than life. So take a seat grab your popcorn and enjoy the movie!

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