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Pusha T Speaks On Runaway

blame it on Shake September 16, 2010

Click to watch Kanye & Pusha’s VMA performance.

After performing alongside Kanye West and the VMAs, Pusha Ton chops it up with VIBE about the collaboration.

When exactly did you and Kanye record that song?
March or April, earlier this year. Whenever I was out in Hawaii… We recorded quite a few songs. He had the record already and was like, ‘Yo, I want you on this record.’ A lot of stuff from him comes from conversation. He’ll talk to you and get a feel for your perspective and your outlook on shit. And later, he’ll be like, ‘Yo, I want you on this. I got a record that that perspective would fit on.’ That’s how he operates.

Did he have his parts already recorded when you heard “Runaway” for the first time?
He had the singing done on the song. I actually wrote my verse for “Runaway” three or four times. Kanye didn’t feel I was douchebag enough for the song on the first couple verses I wrote. [Laughs]

Is that typical for you when you work with somebody?
Never! Never, never, never… There’s no such thing as me rewriting a verse three or four times. Only when you’re with Kanye.

I’ve heard he’s hard on himself when it comes to his music. But he’s a perfectionist like that with someone else’s verses?
Oh, he definitely is. It really sharpens you up to work with anybody else honestly. He is such a perfectionist and he’s very opinionated. You will find yourself explaining yourself, and if you can’t explain the reasoning behind the things you’re saying in a verse or whatever the case may be, it might not fly. He won’t let you get away with it.

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