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Atmosphere’s Seven’s Travels 7 Year Anniversary

blame it on Shake September 23, 2010

Atmosphere – Trying to Find a Balance

Seven years ago Atmosphere released their fourth studio album, Seven’s Travels. And with that said, Rhymesayers and Fifth Element are knocking off a few bucks for the disc. Slug also took the time out to answer a few questions about the album (and the accompanying tour). Check the Q&A after the jump…

Atmosphere – National Disgrace

What is the best song from the album to perform live?
“Trying to Find a Balance” and “Always Coming Back Home to You“.

How did the collab with Brother Ali come about with the song “Cats, Vans, Bags”?
Just hanging out, crackin jokes and rapping. next thing you know – distortion!

What is the biggest difference between God Loves Ugly and Seven’s Travels?
God Loves Ugly had no silly moments, just shadows. whereas most of Seven’s Travels could be defined as silly moments.

Does the title have a “deeper” meaning or was it simply about the your travels through touring/life?
It was a nod to Gulliver’s Travels.

Biggest lesson learned from the making of this album?
If you say it into that mic, someone may hear it, and eventually judge you for it.

What was the inspiration for writing “Always Coming Back Home To You”?
The predictability of everything around us.

What is your favorite tour story from the Seven’s Travel’s Tour?
I do not remember much of that tour, I’m afraid i used to drink a lot back then. Sorry.

RSE also has some snapshots from the 2003 tour. And now that we’re in 2010, you can catch Atmos on their To All My Friends Tour.