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Just Blaze On Stadium Red, Fat Beats & Alchemist (Video)

blame it on JES7 October 8, 2010

Mikey Fresh sat down with Just and discussed a few exciting things for the Paterson, New Jersey producer, including a small tour of his new studio, Stadium Red after the closing of the legendary Baseline Studios. Also on deck, touring with Alchemist and his favorite Fat Beats memories all the while fidgeting with gadgets. Down bottom is a video via Urban Daily showcasing Just’s new digs at Stadium Red NYC and more excerpts from Mikey’s interview where he discusses the latest with Jay Electronica and an upcoming TV show he’s involved with.

On Jay Electronica:

“Jay and I are going to be coming out with something soon. We do have a bunch of records done, but I don’t want to drop anything else without a purpose. There has to be a bigger picture,” Just explains. “We’ve had conversations about what the next step is, but have finalized any release dates yet or anything. Before, we just were very free spirited. We never even planned on putting ‘Exhibit C’ out on a specific date. We just brought it up to Tony Touch one day.”

His upcoming TV show:

“There’s something else video game and music related that I might be working on. It’s so early, though—we’ve only been two conversations about it. But it will probably have a lot of haters upset, again,” Just tells VIBE with a chuckle, from behind his new console. “I’m also working on a TV show. It’s not just a pitch thing—we’re almost done shooting. I took the downtime I had from making music to do something different, jump on the small screen a little bit.”