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(2)Deep: The Don’t Curse Edition

blame it on JES7 October 12, 2010

“You’re telling me don’t curse on a verse, they did it worse // First I put a curse on every verse…”

In this day and age, explicit words have easily been assimilated into our generation’s culture and language, to the point where we barely even notice. Or give a DAAAM! It’s extremely rare to find an album, much less a song that is 100% curse-free. If you’re in the small percentage of the demographic that still physically purchases CDs and vinyl, you’d know what I’m getting at. Groups like De La, A Tribe Called Quest and The Jungle Brothers were some Golden Era pioneers who were creative enough to write songs without incorporating the inevitable and prescribed “bitch,” “fuck,” shit,” and “asshole.” And that’s what it basically comes down to: creativity. I’ll probably catch flack from the c-section for this, but let’s be real, a percentage of this new generation generally lacks creativity. And who knows, maybe we’ve already crept past the tipping point of curse-free records.

Some info about the songs and why I chose them: I chose two Big L joints for the simple fact that the kid is a beast with the verbal shock-and-awe, the same Big L who ended Devil’s Son with this commentary: “Word, Big L the motherfucking Devil’s Son is definitely in effect. Giving a shout out to all the murderers, thieves, armed robbers, serial killers, psychos, lunatics, crackheads, mental patients, mental retards, and a special shoutout to all the niggas with AIDS, Peace.” Jay’s clean version of Dead Presidents showed his versatile penmanship, choosing to censor himself. Dope. Everything else is self-explanatory. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Heavy D – Don’t Curse f. Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, Kool G. Rap, Q-Tip & Pete Rock & CL Smooth

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – Dead Presidents Clean

DOWNLOAD: ATCQ – Bugging Out


DOWNLOAD: Big L – Street Struck

DOWNLOAD: Common – Retrospect For Life

DOWNLOAD: Rakim Allah – Guess Who’s Back

DOWNLOAD: Kurupt – Girls All Pause

DOWNLOAD: GZA – B.I.B.L.E. f. Killah Priest

DOWNLOAD: Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Take You There

DOWNLOAD: (2)Deep: The Don’t Curse Edition