100 Miles Three Years & Runnin’…

blame it on Meka October 14, 2010

The very first image of the very first post of this site.

MEKA: Six years ago, I was doing double shifts at a crappy home office and a local Macy’s. Three years ago, I was two weeks removed from losing my cushy job at an entertainment company thanks to the writer’s strike. Two years ago, I was going into my second year of unemployment. Last year, I was working out of a tiny, cramped, poorly-ventilated office in the middle of Harlem where my two neighbors were a methadone clinic and a slaughterhouse. Needless to say, I’ve gone through a lot of bulltwoshit trying to make this thing work. But after a charity BBQ, a couple (2)Dope nights, a SXSW show, an A3C show, countless album presentations and God[dess] knows what else I’m forgetting in the last ten months alone, it’s safe to say that I’m no longer on a rocky ground anymore.

Shake and I could run around as if we won the pennant and act like we’re something we’re not, but the truth is despite the online “demeanor” (because people can automatically gauge who we are just off of how we present ourselves in front of your computer screen of all things), we’re just like everyone else who visits this or any other site throughout the Internets. It’s because of that why we thank you all for continually coming to this place to, at the very least, temporarily take your mind off of the twoshit you may go through in your own personal lives. Thanks to everybody who we’ve met personally. Thanks to everybody who’s talked about the site to their friends. Thanks to everybody who’s opened doors for us. Thanks to the NMC for being more than just an online group of sites, but a crew of people who I’d gladly hold down. Thanks to my family. Thanks to that special person in my life. Thanks to… well, everybody.

SHAKE: Three years ago I was an asshole. Same goes for two years ago. And today? Yep… still an asshole. I do appreciate everyone that comes through the dopehouse on a daily basis though. Here’s to three more years.

MEKA: *dies*