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Kanye West Preps 5 Album Covers

blame it on Shake October 19, 2010

As if the original artwork wasn’t enough, Kanye revealed last night at the Los Angeles premiere of his Runaway film that he’s got five different covers for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasty are in the works (and that those that buy the album will receive them all). No details were given on the other versions but Ye did go into more detail about the banned cover.

I told [Condo] I wanted a phoenix, and that’s what he came up with. And what I love about it is, both me and George express ourselves with our truest vision, not based on what society or culture feels is right, but what’s truly in our heart, and I just know if George was in my class back when I was in kindergarten, and he came up with something like that, I would’ve been envious, like, ‘Man, how did you come up with that character with no arms and the wings, man? That’s cool!’ … And it’s simply like that. I just really love the colors. I thought the colors were just amazing, and the imagery was amazing. I thought it was a cool, awesome cover.

He also stated that Devin In a New Dress and Monster are the G.O.O.D. Friday tracks that will also appear on the album.

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