NFL Week 6 (Results)

blame it on Meka October 19, 2010

Geez, this weekend was full of all kinds of hits usually reserved for films like “Any Given Sunday.” The new rules that were implemented are designed to stop such hits, but we all know they’re really not going to do so.

On the (2)Dope Madden League front, only a handful of games were played, so you know what that means: those that either didn’t play or notify me of why their game wasn’t played before the end of Week 6 will be booted out, and those spots will be opened up for anybody else wanting to join in by the time you finish reading this post. How to join in is simple:

* Have a PS3 [of course]
* Have a copy of Madden 11 [of course]
* in the franchise section of online play, go to “Join Franchise” and search “2DopeMadden”
* If it asks for a password, it is “2dope”
* Pick your team and join in

Games take place during the following times, unless another time is requested between the two opponents (which you two will have to coordinate together):

* Saturday by 9pm EST
* Sunday by 6pm EST

Seriously, if you’re not going to play a game don’t even bother signing up. Most of the people who sign up are one-and-dones and are just wasting space; the whole AFC South didn’t even play a game this past week, for example.

Scores down bottom.

Atlanta 17, Philadelphia 31
Cleveland 10, Pittsburgh 28
Seattle 23, Chicago 20
Miami 23, Green Bay 20 (OT)
Detroit 20, NY Giants 28
New Orleans 31, Tampa Bay 6
San Diego 17, St. Louis 20
Kansas City 31, Houston 35
Baltimore 20, New England 23
Oakland 9, San Francisco 17
NY Jets 24, Denver 20
Dallas 21, Minnesota 24
Indianapolis 27, Washington 24
Tennessee 30, Jacksonville 3