NFL Week 7 (Results)

blame it on Meka October 26, 2010

Damn, homie. First the Giants break your spirit, then they break your clavicle.

Week 7 is officially a wrap, and the season is officially a wrap for some teams (Cowboys, Bills, 49ers, Lions, just to name a few). Aggravatingly (because I live here and are now exposed to the obnoxiousness of their fans), New York currently has the two best teams in the NFL. Bah. Congratu-fucking-lations.

On the (2)Dope Madden front, most of the games that weren’t on a bye week were actually played. Still there were those who didn’t even bother touching the thing at all. So instead of just automatically booting out those who didn’t (that brought forth a few complaints), I’ll now give the following players


until tonight to either play a game, or provide a good reason why their game wasn’t played in the c-section of this post. If by Wednesday I don’t see either, those players will be kicked out of the league, and others will be asked to take their place.

Final scores down bottom.

Jacksonville 20, Kansas City 42
Philadelphia 19, Tennessee 37
Buffalo 34, Baltimore 37 OT
Cleveland 30, New Orleans 17
Washington 17, Chicago 14
Cincinnati 32, Atlanta 39
Pittsburgh 23, Miami 22
San Francisco 20, Carolina 23
St. Louis 17, Tampa Bay 18
Arizona 10, Seattle 22
New England 23, San Diego 20
Oakland 59(!), Denver 14
Minnesota 24, Green Bay 28
NY Giants 41, Dallas 35