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Kanye West On the Today Show (Video)

blame it on Meka November 11, 2010

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, Kanye’s album sprang a leak earlier this week. I haven’t listened to it myself because I’m trying to wait for the dirty version to “come out,” but from what I’ve heard from other folks it’s pretty damn good. So it makes me wonder why ‘Ye would spaz out over this George Bush-Matt Lauer madness. I mean, I get why he would, but think about it: the 43rd president of the United States said that the “worst point” during his time running the country into the ground was when Kanye alluded (not called, there’s a clear difference) to him being a racist.

Not the egregious mishandling of the Katrina incident.

Not 9/11, and the subsequent “war on terrorism” in Iraq that many of us really don’t know what its true purpose was.

Not even when his Vice President shot a septuagenarian in the face while hunting quail then tried to cover the whole thing up, which would make the average person wary about what that administration did when they were actually on the job.

Nope, it’s Kanye West calling him a racist.

I’d wax more, but since most of you could really give three shits about what we say here that’s what the side hustle at XXL is reserved for. Seriously though, Kanye should just fall back on this one. This latest “promotional” push is nearing 50 Cent levels of absurdity, and he should just focus on the music and music alone. Not Taylor. Not Matt Lauer. And certainly not George Bush.

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