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DJ Premier Breaks Down a Page From Jay-Z’s Decoded Book (Video)

blame it on Shake November 17, 2010

Premo sits down with MTV RapFix to talk about a page from Part 1 of Jay-Z’s Decoded book, which is in stores now.

“I remember the 12-inch of Run-DMC’s ‘It’s Like That’ backed with ‘Sucker M.C.’s’ being definitive. That same year, 1983, I started high school, Bambaataa released ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’ and shot a wild-ass wearing feathered headdresses that they’d play on the local access channel. [My big sister Annie] and I would make up dance routines to those songs, but we didn’t take it as far as the costumes.” – Excerpt from Decoded.

After reading those words, Premier had the following to say: “It’s so ill that Jay equated ‘Sucker MCs’ from Run-DMC, which is a classic, classic record and then ‘The Message,’ which is the first record that talked about how life is in the streets of the ghetto. It’s ill that those are the two things that equated with the definition of a hustler. I can relate to that just like I wrote that myself. For him to use those as reference points, you already know that he’s really really on the same page of what makes the culture of hip-hop classic.”