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Deacon the Villain (of CunninLynguists) & Sheisty Khrist – Ascension

blame it on Meka November 24, 2010

You can still pre-order the QN5 members’ Niggaz Wit Latitude project before it drops digitally November 30th (physically December 14th), but here’s another offering from their upcoming album. Lyrics down bottom.

“Ascension” is a DTV-produced soul-churner that deals with the daily struggle to achieve something in a life flooded with destructive distractions and questioning if we are really pushing ourselves to push the envelope.

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Reaching for the stars
I don’t care who you are
but don’t get caught up
reaching for that cool


My teachers always told me I should reach for the stars
that if I reached far enough I’d reach a creature from mars.
I kept reaching but the teachings wasn’t reaching my heart,
I said fuck it started reaching for cars.
To each his own some teachers teach us peace is shalom,
while others teach us it’s a brougham with the pieces of chrome.
Some of you dudes wear gold like tutenkamen,
while other dudes wear clothes like a buddhist shaman.
The way I drop jewels niggas is like this dude islamic,
but I rock shoes in hues that make Judas vomit.
See my aesthetic somewhere between Kemetic ascetic
and a dreaded heretic in a leather fitted.
And if the weather permited it I might have weathered blizzards,
I might have spitted where I rested but I never shitted.
Some will dissect my shit some will never get it,
some will say I was clever others whatever with it.
I’m like the nigga that meditated and levitated,
or like the nigga that’s medicated and never made it.
Some bitches handed me the apple but I never ate it,
my nodes control codes on which rap is predicated.
We live this rap shit but y’all niggas fabricate it,
some niggas map the genome others navigate it.
I’m in the labrynth on the sabbath with the staff of David,
you’ll never find my name engraved on an affadavit.
We ride in cars that hood niggas buy 20’s for,
in fact fuck the minivan doors just give me 24’s.
You know the types that get you whores you pour Henny for,
and drink plenty more till there’s not any more.
This is fair warning I’m like a bear snoring,
while the hurricane’s forming and the rain’s pouring.
I’m like a cancer in the brain that lays dormant,
y’all like answering to claims like paid informants.
The closest that I’ll ever be to in the air soaring,
is the pair of wings on my rare air Jordans.
Yall niggas is borin’.



Most’ll never get to bat at the field dreams
somepeople never see the sky, they in a guilliteen
everybody lives to die, and the inbetween
is duckin gorilla swings and facing the realer things
from a world full of soulless goals
I’ve seen children with eyes that were old as gold
to some the sky’s like the coldest joke
and if you reach for what’s high you might overdose
but through the blowin smoke, you gotta see this
our hopes and our dreams concieved by the elitist
we fall for the traps, we rats, chasing cheese
with straps, tats, crack and rap, we making g’z
all this confusion got us loosin’ by a landslide
and got the biggest mothafuckaz feelin’ antsized
the disillusioned, the disenfranchised
who wanna through the peace sign, but got they hands tied
why ask why, that’s what they wanna teach us
they’d rather have us sit in the bleachers and wait for Jesus
but I believe He’d rather we doubt what leads us
instead of praising what pleases, ascension


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