Random Acts Of Fuckery: Erika Kane Edition

blame it on Meka December 9, 2010

Everything I wanted to say about this was neatly wrapped up into one tight package courtesy of H8torade:

It was bound to happen. Rappers have been talking about bustin’ nuts and skeetin’ all over chicks for years now and Erika Kane has had enough. She’ll let you hit it from just about every angle but you’re gonna have to deposit your load somewhere else.

There are 4 words that no man wants to hear when they are fornicating…”don’t cum in me”. There is a 100% guarantee that if a man has the raincoat on that he’s going to bust…and bust inside of you.

There is a 99.9% chance that even if he doesn’t have a raincoat on he’s still going to drop his kids off deep in ya guts. That’s just how we are programmed.

I don’t think we have a song yet dedicated to chicks taking it in the ass. Someone needs to step up.

*standing ovation*