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Cory Gunz On 6’7′ w/ Lil Wayne (Video)

blame it on Shake December 16, 2010

Cory Gunz sits down with MTV to discuss Lil Wayne’s new single and how it came about.

We went straight to the studio and Tunes was like, ‘I have something for you to hear,’ and it went from there. [Wayne said], ‘We gon’ have to attack this.’ As soon as I heard it, it was like instant. Some beats you hear, even in a party, and they hit you in a certain kind of way and that’s kinda what the beat did. So we sat and the record is now getting an amazing response. People been messing with the record, so it’s dope. I’m happy to be here.

Honestly, [Wayne] just told me to be me on the record. He didn’t tell me any specific way to write or anything to do, and that’s what I really appreciate. Mack Maine and Slim, they don’t never try to, like, make me do anything that would make me compromise how I feel,” he added about the YM president and Cash Money boss. “They always tell me to be ‘100’ with it and that’s what me and Wayne did — we bodied the record.

I wonder how Cory feels about having his name spelled wrong on the single artwork.