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Johnny Polygon: Standing Out Too Much To Fit In

blame it on Meka December 23, 2010

Sitting down with the dopehouse and TheWellVersed, Johnny speaks on a variety of topics, from interacting with fans, Lil Wayne and a possible Slug collaboration to groupies and working with Nas.

TWV: So let’s put it out there – a Slug and Johnny Polygon song, can that happen?

JP: *laughs* We’ll see because now that I’m on the other side I realize how much I must have really gotten on his nerves. I was definitely like “Oh shit, you hit me back so…you want to take me out to lunch?” I was like 16 and I’d send a follow up email saying “What’s up with that tour?” I would love to collaborate with Slug. If that ever happens, that would be great.

TWV: What was it like meeting Nas for the first time?

JP: That whole thing was like it happened to somebody else and I just watched it. It all happened so quickly. It wasn’t like DJ Green Lantern (told me) he was going to get me and Nas on a song together. Nas had received a beat that had my vocals on it. I had recorded it three or four months earlier. I’m back in California chillin and I get a phone call that says “You’re on the new Nas album.” I was like “What?” I didn’t even know what song. It completely went over my head. I didn’t hear the final song until it was on the radio. That’s when I had a “Whoa” moment and realized that it was me. It was a great learning experience. It was almost like looking into the future.

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