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The Perceptionists (Mr. Lif x Akrobatik) – Sak Pase

blame it on Shake January 14, 2011

Man, I can’t tell you how great it feels to get some new music from Lif and Akro! The two link back up to acknowledge the pain and suffering that has been going on in result of the earthquake that struck Haiti just over a year ago. Lyrics after the jump.

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Verse One (Akrobatik)
Little Helena feels the weight of the world on her shoulders / mentally and in addition to the weight of the boulders / and the rubble / that’s crushing her frame / she’s in a lot of trouble / Her auntie’s nearby whispering “I love you” / but the situation’s bleak / zoom out / this tragedy took more than one room out / destruction and mayhem throughout / The Nation of Haiti was rocked by an earthquake / brittle houses collapsed after the first shakes / One of the worst places this could happen / because the country is poor even though the people are full of passion / Hurts to see the first free Black state wait for food Sir / but they’ve gotta see Anderson Cooper / See when they liberated from France / they set a standard for all Black people to advance / Little Helena didn’t make it / but her will to live is what inspired me to write this / for Haiti we ignite this


Verse Two (Mr. Lif)
Devastation of another Nation / Folks in dire situations trying to be patient / Help is coming but the looters through the streets / Wanna flee, but the blood is leaking through your feet / It’s looking bleak / Body crushed, but your soul is strong / Holding on, cause your memories are never gone / Life’s glory / Add this to your life’s story / I was there / I survived / I’m alive / We’ll rebuild again / so don’t worry / But for now, bodies in the streets / people dying over water and food / fighting to eat / Fighting sleep cause I might slip / into God’s arms / reaching for an angel’s palm / but I’m not gone / then my body got strong / Let my voice ring / Blacked out then woke up / to people hoisting / me from my death bed / to get fed / these are people from my neighborhood / so this is what I said…

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