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Thurzday (of U-N-I) Speaks On Dom Kennedy & Solo Project

blame it on Meka January 21, 2011

King Thurz sat down with Hip Hop Fiend to talk about Kings Keep Marching, his own solo aspirations, the “New West” and much more…

So is a solo project something you’d consider doing?

Yeah definitely, I’m pretty much wrapping up a solo project this month, the release date I’m not going put a lot of information out there, I just want to shock a lot of people, so you’re the first one hearing this, but yeah, solo project is on the way.

How does your solo music differ from the music you make with Yonas?

Its definitely different. I feel like with U-N-I we built ourselves up to pretty much, we created our own sound. There is no boxed in sound to what U-N-I can do, so with my project its still not boxed in, but I represent what I’m doing. I’m able to say what I want without constricting it to 16 bars or 16 bars and a 8, I can attack a song the way I want to attack the song. (I’m) not saying I wasn’t doing that with U-N-I, but it’s Thurz, like you getting only Thurz perspective in the song. I’m really excited about that it is going be different, and I think a lot of people will really grasp to it.

When I’ve been looking back through stuff in preparation for this interview, something that seems to crop up a lot is your beef with Dom Kennedy a while back, is that squashed now?

I mean, there’s no more beef I guess. It was definitely handled. I’m not really worried about any rappers. There’s too much in life to worry about some dumb beef over rap, so that’s all done and over with and it was handled.

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