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Miguel Speaks On His Underground Roots, His Debut Album & More

blame it on Meka January 24, 2011

Miguel Jontel sat down with the good folks of TheWellVersed and opened up on being around Blu and Exile, finishing All I Want Is You way back in 2007 and more.

TheWellVersed: The introduction to your voice to the world came courtesy of Exile’s album. Can you take us all the way back to how that came together?

Miguel: Blu and I met in high school. On the first day of my first year in high school I met Blu in a cipher. We actually ended up having our first class together – which was a computer class. He introduced me to a mutual friend of ours named Anthony Williams and we’ve been pretty much best friends ever since then. Through Blu I met a lot of the underground scene: Exile, Aloe Blacc, Stones Throw, Sound In Color, etc. There was a period of time when Exile was really popping with Emanon and that’s where I met Pac Div, U-N-I, J*Davey, Sa-Ra and all those guys.

TWV: You were like the voice of the underground…

M: Especially on the West Coast scene!

TWV: I had a conversation a year or so ago with Diz Gibran and Pac Div about why it was taking so long for you to release an album. “Sure Thing” had already generated a healthy buzz on the net and it seemed like the perfect time almost two years ago. What was taking so long for this album to come together?

M: A majority of the album was finished when I signed with Jive back in 2007. That’s another thing. You know that as artists we are always creating and ever evolving. I’m the epitome of always pushing the boundaries. This album really is how it is because where my mind is at now, there is no way I could put this music out later. This is the only chance I had to put an album of this kind out. The music deserved its chance and I think the label felt the same way. Right now is the only time this could have been released. I wouldn’t be able to put this album out two years from now. Or two albums from now. Or as my next album. I’m already two years ahead of the music that’s coming out. I’m just trying to catch my fans up. It took so long because of the whole legal thing. That had a lot to do with it. They were ready to put me out back when I signed during the spring of 2008.

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