Sorry Kids…

blame it on Shake February 17, 2011

Click to enlarge. Despite it all, their camp is still asking us to post the music.

SHAKE: 2DopeBoyz doesn’t have a “problem” with Tyler. Hell, I’d never even heard of the guy until he was yelling “fuck 2DopeBoyz” on some song that was submitted to the site. After a quick Google search, I come across a couple interviews and Twitter updates where he has nothing but negative remarks to say about myself and the site. Again, all before I was even aware of who he was. Who does that? And I know the “why even acknowledge it”, “u mad” and “you’re a faggot” comments will be flooding the c-section below, but the truth is I don’t even think the music is all that bad (and never once said different). But I’m not going to support someone that felt the need to disrespect myself and Meka for absolutely no reason. So if he wants to continue his marketing ploy, fine… just stop bugging us about it. Thanks.

MEKA: The interesting notion about what we do for a living, some artists tend to feel a way when their product doesn’t receive the attention they feel that a promotional outlet such as the dopehouse should give them, and when or if that doesn’t happen said artists inexplicably take an issue with us.

Funny thing about it, I never received (or for that matter even heard of) his or his camp’s music until after the now-infamous rant deriding us, despite accusations that suggest otherwise and the fact I’ve gotten (and posted) product from former associates (look it up). If they (or anybody, for that matter) feel like they need to air out any grievances they think they may have with either myself or my site, so be it. However, since I don’t have any problems with his camp (or personally know anybody from that camp, for that matter) this will be the first, last and only time I address any nonsensical (and, more importantly, non-existent) issues with them.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.