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(2)Deep: Chill Rob G – Let the Words Flow (prod. 45 King)

blame it on JES7 February 19, 2011

Photo: Unkut

Majority of the time, the name Chill Rob G is most recognizable as the “dude who rapped on Power,” however this is not the Snap! version that ‘Ye sampled; it’s actually the original version by Power Jam (the same guys behind Snap!, just under a different moniker). There’s actually an interesting story behind Power which you can read here. So how does Power parallel with this post? Well, for one, the Chill Rob G version of Power sampled vocals from Let the Words Flow, along with it’s chilling sax provided by Jack Bashkow. Back to the main topic, Let the Words Flow is a serious lesson in lyricism, a burner that could, in my opinion, stand amongst joints like Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em, Don’t Sweat the Technique and even My Melody. Not to mention that Police sample. Perfect example of a perfectly polished song.

DOWNLOAD: Chill Rob G – Let the Words Flow (prod. 45 King) | Mediafire