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Lloyd Banks Speaks On Kanye West, HFM3 & More

blame it on Meka February 22, 2011

In the first part of Blue Hef’s interview with TWV, he opens up on Kanye’s praise, the chances of a third Hunger For More and the “skinny jeans” era.

… I would do things like…I’ve had a lot of success in my career but when you come in the game with an entity as big as G-Unit, Interscope, and Shady/Aftermath, that umbrella alone demands success. People start to expect you to have success and to sell a ton of records. They count out the fact you have to work hard to be there. It’s like, if a basketball player joins the Lakers right now—that’s the NBA champions, so if you are a role player, you have to be the best role player ever. If your job is to just knock down the open three, then you better not miss.

It sounds easier said than done but you know when you are in that, you have to stand amongst that pressure and that goes for any crew. Whether it’s Young Money—if you are Drake or Nicki Minaj, you gotta stand up to Lil Wayne. If you’re on Aftermath, you gotta report to [Dr.] Dre. At the end of the day, I was just trying to fit in but I was being compared to other artists. They were comparing me to 50 Cent. Comparing me to the artists that came in the game having number one albums because you know, since Nicki Minaj had her number one debut album, I’m the last one from NYC to do it but I think a lot of my achievements get overlooked because they expect success.

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