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Outasight – It’s Like That (prod. Cook Classics)

blame it on Meka February 23, 2011

OU just decided to let this track go. That’s perfectly fine by me. Lyrics down bottom.

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Some might get it and some might not,
we don’t really care we just do what we want,
it’s like that, it’s like that,
i don’t care. (repeat)

some think a picture tells a 1000 words,
but a jpeg shouldnt get yall concerned
dont judge a book by its cover is cliche
so take a look and hate, its really that easy
and i wont be all serious like im enrique
and i dont get caught up in the he say she say,
so say what you want,
and tell me how you feel,
it wont change much but i only hope its real.
what goes roun
Comes roun
I’m sure you heard the schpeel
of climben to the top
So if I get the over the hill
I got no one to blame
except myself and my will
I got no one to claim If I ever write my will
But better not yet contagious
Heard the whole book
But never skimmed through the pages
judged on looks
Well It really doesn’t phase us
tappin on my watch
Like damn wats the wait up?


and im trying to make a difference for what its that worth,
And I swear for a minute that
I thought I was cursed
every step forward
meant another few back
end up at some dive bar
Just To knock a few back
And my friends kept asking
can we have you back
I took another shot
With out pouring you jack.
Doubted from the getco
Maybe I should let go
Of my all my hopes
sell insurance like the geico
Heck no
I bet those thoughts
Don’t bounce
Till my bank account has an amount
That dont bounce
Anytime I try and go out
I don’t count
I don’t really care
No way no how
And as for the future? No way to know now
So loans and electric
Cable and the rent is
On the back of my mind
Till further notice and mentions
Learned a lesson.