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ChillxWill & Chill Moody: Two Rappers, One Name

blame it on Meka March 28, 2011

So this is what happens when you get a bunch of music at once: you tend to fuck up who exactly is who sometimes, especially when they share similar names (word to Young Chris, YC The Cynic and Yung Chris of “RacksOnRacks” infamy). Anyways, I’m just gonna toss these two similarly-named artists into one post and save everybody the trouble.

1. “Cold Chillin 2″ (Served By EPMD)
2. “Systems” [Prod. by Zeke]
3. [Interlude]
4. “Gettin II The Money” (Featuring Raz Fresco) [Prod. By Raz Fresco]
5. “Detlef Schrempf” [Prod. By Raz Fresco]
6. “Breakin’ Tree” (Featuring The 6th Letter) [Prod. By Zeke]
7. “Paid n’ Full” [Prod. By Raz Fresco]
8. “The Famous Time Out” [Prod. By Scarface]
9. “‘97 Bulls” (Featuring Brandon Chey) [Prod. By Raz Fresco]
10. “Release Date” [Prod. By Zeke]
11. “Live 85″ [Prod. By GlassCity]
12. “Gold Chain With A Beeper” [Prod. By AU]
13. “Bape Polo” [Prod. By 2Much & DJ Cruel]
14. “Let The Top Down” [Prod. By Zeke]
15. “Janet Jackson” (Featuring Lo Thraxx) [Prod. By Raz Fresco]
16. “Another Good Day” [Prod. DJ Pooh]
17. “Groupies In The Back” (Featuring P. Blackk) [Prod. By Raz Fresco]

DOWNLOAD: ChillxWill – Cold Chillin’ 2 (Mixtape)

DOWNLOAD: Chill Moody – Chillmatic | Mediafire