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(2)Deep: Finsta Bundy

blame it on JES7 April 10, 2011

Only the most die-hard Black Moon fans would know that the original group’s line-up included DJ Evil Dee, 5 Ft. Accelerator & Finsta, sans Buckshot Shorty. During this early incarnation of the group, they actually went by the name High Tech (which Finsta states was also the name of a clothing store in Bushwick). Finsta shortly left the group for personal reasons. In 1992, Finsta, although no longer a part of Black Moon, released his first single, Finsta Baby b/w Payday Is Bliss produced by an early version of Da Beatminerz. After Finsta brought forth his first seed into the physical world, he linked up with a neighborhood friend and DJ named Bundy, and together, they became Finsta & Bundy, later dropping the “&”. Eventually, Finsta picked up production himself, and together, they released a few (I stress the word “few”) singles throughout the mid and late 90s, however, each single was intensely great. Da Beatminerz’s Evil Dee, Mr. Walt and Rich Blak each had a hand in some of these singles, but in my opinion, it was Finsta’s production that had me bugging out the most.

Hands down, my favorite release from Finsta Bundy is the ’94 joint, Spirit of The Boogie. It emanated perfection: a monotonous, yet droning, brooding bassline almost reminiscent of Artifact’s Lower Da Boom, a pitched down Special Ed sample, dope verses and delivery. You could almost catch a contact high from the dope radiating through the speakers. For more info on Finsta, visit their site or hit ’em up on Twitter.

DOWNLOAD: Finsta Bundy – One For the Money f. Greg Nice (Unreleased)

DOWNLOAD: Finsta Bundy – Spirit of the Boogie

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DOWNLOAD: Finsta Bundy – Feel the High II

5 Ft. Accelerator, Finsta & Dysfunkshunal Familee In ATL, Circa 1995