Marky x Rockwilder – The Markwilder Show

blame it on JES7 April 19, 2011

After a few leaks and promo videos, Marky & Rockwilder’s official project, The Markwilder Show finally drops. Presented by DJ Booth.

I’ll tell you what.. this project was one of those type of occurrences that looks to be so well thought-out, yet, more of a “feeling” that made it come together. Rockwilder has so many styles of music that he can make that I would’ve literally became depressed if I attempted to give HIS best and my own in an 11 track project. The atmosphere in which the project was created was like a non-stop, relentless, pavement-driven, hit the ground-running type of energy. I let the music drive me to where I wanted to take this project. As I grow as an Artist, I’m also maturing and growing into a Man. At 22, I’m growing out of the “know-it-all” phase into more of a “knowledge of self” and seeking of wisdom & understanding phase. The book of Proverbs explains it all, as I attempt in a small portion on “The Markwilder Show”! Listen, enjoy it, and listen again. Thank you all for allowing me to be apart of your email and music lives! I love to do what I do and I’ll always continue to do so as long as I can.

DOWNLOAD: Marky x Rockwilder – The Markwilder Show | Direct Link