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The Making of Mobb Deep’s The Infamous

blame it on Meka April 25, 2011

With today being the 16th anniversary of Mobb Deep’s sophomore album’s debut, ‘Plex Row did a “making of” piece on the album.

*waits for Pea$ to start bugging out over this*

Peep a small portion of what they say on my personal highlight of the album, “Drink Away The Pain (Situations)” featuring Q-Tip:

“We took it to Platinum Island, me and Hav did our vocals on it, and then Q-Tip did his a couple weeks later. When I heard it I was like, ‘What the fuck is he rapping about? It doesn’t match the song. He’s talking about clothes, we’re talking about liquor.’ It kind of threw me off at first, but then people was like, ‘Nah, that shit sounds good son,’ so I started liking it after a while.

“‘He was talking about ‘Polo is my dude, Tommy Hil is my nigga,’ and all that type of shit. So he flipped it. It was ill because we were doing the same thing about the liquor. We were talking about Hennessy and St. Ide’s like it was a female, like we was in love with it, and all our friends was like, ‘Yo, this is no good for you. Stop fucking with her. It’s going to hurt you in the end.’”

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