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Blu – NoYork! (Tracklist)

blame it on Meka April 26, 2011

Listen, I have no idea if this is real or not, or if this project is even dropping at this point. However, this would explain why U-God was at the Move Forward Music showcase during SXSW. Anyways, whomever threw this up (and I’m assuming it’s Blu; then again, previous experiences with mistaken identity have happened before) did it in typical “Blu” fashion, so just check out everything down bottom.

featuring theophilus london, u-god, edan, j*davey, pac div, u-n-i, tiron, ayomari, co$$, tiombe lockhart & suzi analouge

production by madlib, flying lotus, shafiq husayn, knxledge, exile, samiyam, daedalus & dibia$e

o1_doin nothin feat u god
it was like being in the studio w a real life leopard baby paw.

o2_everything ok feat jack davey
this happened in a real life dream
j davey was in full cheer glam leader posture
on the strip
austin, sxsw shouting obsenities threw bts megaphone
u god strolls pass
jack gives him prper stare down as he passes
then starts a wu tang chant
wit the roster rundown on the town

o3_super dooper u
uzi, my god, uzi !
its arap, mary j is back
uzi, the nxxtape, uzi, u know

o4_a bove crenshaw feat cashus king
lo was scared, ezzie
sam. cash. ez. blz.
what it is.
u know where it is.
she got her own street.
i was like u gota grace the libs

o5_every body nose
(never be the same)
the ra ra wasnt down for a four verse on big fame
the nola had to hold em for the dame.

filth in ya deck
enter in the void
we fill it,
said the toddler wit the super gulp

o7_ta g’s feat exile
ex, all ex
can i breath on doug
b steel in the polies

since o6 its been my ikea kia nokia commercial

o9_annie hall
feat tiombe lockhart
do i mention my birthday in thecredits
do i owe u the fantasia day dream sequence version of the night there of
feat chop chop
why dont u come put up my new girlfriend
like u put up my last one
c ae, all dae.

1o_spring winter summer fall jimetta rose
um the imaginary was still open
i saw some people leave
we found a day to dance, after, still
these are the stills.

11_down to earth feat the donel smokes, dubble o and definite
we were. they are . my ngz .
many ma ny mn y (tim, e .) styles .

12_my sunshin e
something that the soul provider would say.
thank u nia .

13_ronald morgan feat edaaaan.
man one of yo songs shoulda been here
i only put him on the trackcause iwany=ted his rap name .
4 thousand every flight, my brother, heavy heavy
for the bail bonds.
all mad.

for my sis,
i know, U know i know u know, n ow.

15_and the jazzmen
told ya.
all mad.

16_keep ush inn .
the note iw rote.

17_doin something
feat the ne w e s t co a st.
pac, thurz n yO. thedavis . go roniie and ayo mari.
u g o d .