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Lord Finesse vs. Percee P Bronx Battle (Video)

blame it on JES7 April 28, 2011

Part 1

We’ve mentioned this incredible battle a few times, but this time, we have some commentary behind the legendary showdown courtesy of Ego Trip (you can read the whole thing here), who sat down with The Funkyman to get some behind-the-scenes insight . It’s really hard to call who won this shit as they both came with their A-game. Those of you in NYC, Ego Trip is holding a screening of Jun Okhi’s dope documentary that covers many of the DITC members, SBX: Holding Down Tradition at Maysles Cinema tonight. If you’re a 90s head, you won’t wanna miss this, it’s a dope documentary that flew under the radar. Good luck finding a copy on DVD.

By “compound word” combinations what do you mean?
Lord Finesse: Okay, here’s a compound. The wit of it is making words that don’t normally rhyme together, you two-word ’em, you compound ’em, and then you punchline it. Like: “Large Fort Knox size/ If I’m not rollin’ like a rock slide/ I’m layin’ in the cut like peroxide.” So you got three compounds and the third compound is actually a punchline. That’s wit! That’s what I was great at. Hittin’ you with words that you don’t see comin’.

But you got Perc going at a thousand miles an hour: “Like sulfuric acid I’m lethal/ Soon as my words reach you they eat through/ Brains of those that chose to speak to/ I’m wiser, smoother/ Keep up or I’ll lose you/ When I maneuver/ Words when they’re heard will confuse you/ Bruise you/ I’m high potent/ Devotin’ much time into every line/ Every rhyme of mine is worth quotin’/ I’m like a college dorm/ People will swarm for knowledge/ Applicants chill out and fill out a form.” GOD DAMN!

Part 2

Battle Revisited

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