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Mysonne – Invincible (Video)

blame it on Meka April 28, 2011

Dir: Ralph Random & Fresh

The real title of this acapella is called “Fuck Lil B & XXL,” but seeing as how I really don’t see where he outright insulted them except for on two possible occasions I’d rather call it by the last word he says in the song. Here’s the problem I have with rap urban-based entertainment these days: it’s not in our genetic code to like anything that’s “outside the box” of what we’re used to, instead quickly shooting down any and everything that challenges hip-hop’s status quo. Do I necessarily like some of today’s more popular trends? Not really (nor do I have to; that’s where people get things fucked up); but I do get why they’re so popular, even if they’re not my cup of tea. The question is, however, if that popularity will sustain them for years to come, or will they epically fall off like so many others before (I don’t see anybody clamoring for a new Ghost Town DJs album at the moment…). But then again, what’s the reason for the insults? That’s what I don’t get (but then again, what exactly constitutes as “beef” these days? Someone getting mad at another person for a reason that only makes sense to the “disser?” What part of the game is that?). I think it’s more of someone enthralled with the sound of their own voice more than anything, but what do I know.

Let me stop, before a rapster illogically wants to insult me. Oh, wait…