Pac Div Speaks On Grown Kid Syndrome, “Mayor” & More

blame it on Meka May 3, 2011

Sitting down with TheWellVersed BeYoung, Like and Mibbs revealed that, among other things, the missed opportunity that was “Mayor:”

When the topic of missed opportunities is brought up, one has to point to the massive buzz that Pac Div’s “Mayor” had when they performed it in front of crowds. The bass heavy, super California single had anthem written all over it. But somehow, Universal didn’t push the song that had the industry talking. For the Cali collective, they won’t cry over spilled milk, but do recognize when an opportunity is missed.

“You’ve gotta look at that as the machine’s fault. That was a hit,” Mibbs says. “We stand by ‘Mayor’ 100%. We knew that it was a hit then and we know now it could still be a hit. But shit happens.”

Universal lost.

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