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Skewby – Hustle Hard Freestyle

blame it on Shake May 3, 2011

Lyrics after the jump.

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Black dad, white mom,
nightmares with the lights on,
visa with my flights on it,
rap books with my life on it,
hear my heart like a mic on it,
american pie, my slice warming,
these long nights and tight mornings,
you’ll never know why I fight for it,
been broke.. thank you,
empty pockets my angels,
never know, till you loose it all,
stop telling me what you can’t do,
I was watching blank man,
man my plate was blank too,
laughing hard to escape the pain,
now days I’m laughing at you,
iPhone in my denim,
facetime when I miss her,
don’t waste when I’m with her,
thats a queen dressed in my temple,
I keep migrains in my temple,
cuz my mindframe is not civil,
so much sacrifice for these riddles,
I ain’t shake the dice to get nickels,
pay per view,
I’ll be thru,
what is hate, what they do,
what is great, what I am,
u think what? who are you?
I’m on a different page,
different city, different stage,
get your hands high,
take my lows away,
I know I was something different,
i know everybodys a critic,
don’t know long that middle finger
been stuck in this petition,
you a rapper, you want bentleys,
boy my family members need
ain’t no way I’m not gonna get it,
u like what? got to be kiddin,
u killed who? got to be Kenny,
I can tell u wanna prove something,
easy to fail,
but to succeed you wouldn’t do
Jordan shoes, new chevy,
with a custom license,
living a lie costly,
facing the truth, priceless,
I struggle, I love it,
my muscle is god,
the muzzle is off,
I hustle HARD,
no shuffling in the deck,
bro we pulling cards,
and closed mouths don’t get fed
on this boulevard…

Rise… Up….