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(2)Deep: Crooked Lettaz – Firewater f. Noreaga x Daydreamin’

blame it on JES7 May 9, 2011

Grey Skies was an album put out by Crooked Lettaz in ’99 that featured David Banner and fellow Mississippi rhyme partner Kamikaze. The majority of the production was handled by Banner as well as a few cuts by Gensu Dean (who recently lent his production skills to Large Pro) and had a heavy, southern-funk sound reminiscent of some early Dungeon Family production. Definitely not your typical southern album, the lyrics were heavy on positivity and community / culture upliftment, and although considered “southern,” is influenced by all coasts. Being that this album was released at a time when Hip-Hop really started to blow like Osama’s dome, this LP got shuffled into obscurity (ie. the underground). One of a few southern albums that still gets heavy burn til this day.

DOWNLOAD: Crooked Lettaz – Daydreamin’

DOWNLOAD: Crooked Lettaz – Firewater f. Noreaga