Reggae Interpretations of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue

blame it on JES7 May 14, 2011

I know there’s some heavy jazz-heads who visit here… Under normal circumstances, I would not support revampings of such timeless, already-perfect classics like Miles’ Kind of Blue, but I made an exception this time around. Reworking something as definitive as Kind of Blue would normally be sacrilegious, however, former NYU music professor Jeremy Taylor (who unfortunately passed on in the early 80s) did the album justice. Taylor, who was a huge fan of reggae and dub, flew to Jamaica often and would politic with some of the biggest artists. In ’81, Taylor recruited a group of reggae musicians, and under his direction, reworked Kind of Blue (I’m assuming using the original masters) into a jazz-dub type styling. Before I picked this up (it was pressed on super-limited, blue vinyl – 200 copies I believe), I gave it a spin and even the A-side with the originals were reworked with a little dub-style reverb. This is perfect to light up to and chill out.

DOWNLOAD: So What (Dub)

DOWNLOAD: Flamenco Sketches (Dub)